Jesus lives forever

Jesus lives forever
"I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me." Gl 2, 20.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August prayer intentions of the Pope

August prayer intentions of the Pope

Let's be together to Pope and share our prayers with the World in just one soul, if we are members and Jesus is the head, the Pope is the spinal cord that brings signals from Jesus to us.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

U. S. study about cohabitation and marriage

Cohabitation and Marriage Intensity
Consolidation, Intimacy, and Commitment

This is the title of a study made in USA and available in the Internet (click here).

In this study, it's possible to confirm that married couples have more consolidation, intimacy and commitment, in fact they are happier.

Married couples say "YES" one to other, and when this "YES" is sincerely said, they don't get married for own happiness, but to made the spouse the happiest.

A couple that doesn't assume a commitment never will be engaged to build anything together. While a couple really committed one to other will mutually help themselves in any occasion.

Being committed and engaged with your spouse is one of hardest decisions that a person can do, but it's full of rewards until you live as well.

And about safe feeling? In special for woman, safe feeling is absolute needed to be fully free for loving and open to receive the rewards of love in marriage, beautiful and blessed babies.

The Church of Christ teaches many trues about marriage, but many times we can not believe in this teachings until see them in a academic published study. We must understand the Church teaches based in centuries of experience and observation, but much of this knowledge is not published in academic or scientific magazines.

For finishing, let's think about our relationships, think about how you are building love for your life, what are your expectations, and if you are disposed to make your spouse the happiest one in the World.

Pray for your future and ask to find what can make you really happy, because happiness in any relationship is not made for own will but shared.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pope Francis: "The Church is not a babysitter"

The Church is not a babysitter

With these words, Pope Francis shows us one much important aspect of the Church of Christ. We must not have limits to proclaim Jesus as we know Him.

Jesus is God, Son of God and our eternal Lord, not only the person that cares us and solves all of our problems.

There are lots of "religions", Brazil is source of many of them, that offer money, pleasure, salvation, peace and prosperity.

However, the real Church of Christ shows the Cross of Christ as the only way of salvation and redemption.

Ask for wisdom of Holy Spirit, and analyze if you are in following Jesus or only looking for rewards without efforts.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pope Francis: a new approach to communication

Pope Francis: a new approach to communication

Pope Francis has showed to us how to communicate the Gospel of Jesus, not with words only but adding real life to our words, making them as living as Jesus' words.

Words of our Lord Jesus were full of life because Jesus has lived all of what He said, and this is our example showed by Pope Francis: to live Jesus' life and to say Jesus' life for our poor World that can't see all love of God.

Let's begin our way of communicating the Gospel praying.

God bless you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo of last three Popes together

It looks Pope John Paul II has his eyes in nothing, while Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger sees JP II and Cardinal Mario Bergoglio sees Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Many people can see this picture and think "this a coincidence, these catholic religious are always doing things together", but faithful ones can see through the picture and capture the intention of God in the providence that put all the three Popes in touch.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis: his first words

Pope Francis: his first words

These are the first words of the man who God chose to guide the Church of Christ, he asked us for praying and this is our mission: to support Pope Francis' mission through our prayers.

Invite your family and pray in the intention of our new leader Pope Francis.

God bless the Church of Christ and the new Bishop of Rome, our Pope Francis I.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Card. Bertone: Prayers of religious fundamental in Conclave

Card. Bertone: Prayers of religious fundamental in Conclave

Not only contemplative religious should pray for the Church and the Conclave, but all members of the Mystic Body of Jesus Christ, however contemplative religious have a special vocation for that.

Let's all pray for the news that God has reserved for us and all Church of Jesus.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Propfesy for the Catholic Church

I mean there is nothing to add, the young priest had a vision of future, faith and wisdom for the Church of Jesus Christ.

A restructured Church with far fewer members that is forced to let go of many places of worship it worked so hard to build over the centuries. A minority Catholic Church with little influence over political decisions, that is socially irrelevant, left humiliated and forced to “start over.”

But a Church that will find itself again and be reborn a “simpler and more spiritual” entity thanks to this “enormous confusion.” This was the prophesy made 40 years ago on the future of Christianity by a young Bavarian theologian, Joseph Ratzinger. Digging it out again today perhaps provides us with another key to understanding Benedict XVI's decision to resign, because it traces his gesture back through the course of his interpretation of history.

His prophesy concluded a series of radio preachings which the then professor of theology gave in 1969 at what was a decisive moment in his life and the life of the Church. These were the turbulent years of the student revolts and the landing on the moon but also of the disputes over the Second Vatican Council which had only recently come to a close. Ratzinger, who was one of the Council's protagonists, had left the riotous university of Tübingen seeking refuge in the calmer city of Regensburg.

He found himself isolated as a theologian, having split with liberals Küng, Schillebeeckx and Rahner over their interpretations of the Council. It was in this period that he concolidated new friendships with theologians Hans Urs von Balthasar and Henri de Lubac, with whom he founded Catholic theological journal, Communio. Communio soon became a training ground for young “Ratzingerian” priests who are now cardinals and all seen as potential successors to Benedict XVI: Angelo Scola, Christoph Schönborn and Marc Ouellet.

In five little known radio speeches made in 1969 and published again a while ago by Ignatius Press in the volume “Faith and the Future”, the future Pope gave his vision of the future of man and the Church. His last teaching, which he read out on “Hessian Rundfunk” radio on Christmas day, had a distinctly prophetic tone.

Ratzinger said he was convinced the Church was going through an era similar to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. “We are at a huge turning point – he explained – in the evolution of mankind. This moment makes the move from Medieval to modern times seem insignificant.” Professor Ratzinger compared the current era to that of Pope Pius VI who was abducted by troops of the French Republic and died in prison in 1799. The Church was fighting against a force which intended to annihilate it definitively, confiscating its property and dissolving religious orders.

Today's Church could be faced with a similar situation, undermined, according to Ratzinger, by the temptation to reduce priests to “social workers” and it and all its work reduced to a mere political presence. “From today's crisis, will emerge a Church that has lost a great deal,” he affirmed.

“It will become small and will have to start pretty much all over again. It will no longer have use of the structures it built in its years of prosperity. The reduction in the number of faithful will lead to it losing an important part of its social privileges.” It will start off with small groups and movements and a minority that will make faith central to experience again. “It will be a more spiritual Church, and will not claim a political mandate flirting with the Right one minute and the Left the next. It will be poor and will become the Church of the destitute.”

The process outlined by Ratzinger was a “long” one “but when all the suffering is past, a great power will emerge from a more spiritual and simple Church,” at which point humans will realise that they live in a world of “indescribable solitude” and having lost sight of God “they will perceive the horror of their poverty.”

Then and only then, Ratzinger concluded, will they see “that small flock of faithful as something completely new: they will see it as a source of hope for themselves, the answer they had always secretly been searching for.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hong Kong: Heartfelt thanks to Benedict XVI for his love for China

Hong Kong: Heartfelt thanks to Benedict XVI for his love for China

Pope Benedict XVI has been a polemic pope, he immerses himself and all the Church in the heart of the faith and the mystery of the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

His renounce was a shock for the world, however bountiful people can understand and explain why Pope Benedict XVI made this announcement, his real reasons and the needed humility for recognizing self weakness.

For us, we need to pray giving thanks to God for our pope, and everything he made during his papacy, and asking light to the cardinals in the conclave that will begin next month.

Blessed Mary pray for all Church of Christ.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moving for life

Look this new: and think about your life. Remember what you have done, what are your motivations and what are you looking for.

Is anything there good enough for your fight? And about our reputation? Or our time? And our lives?

Do you know anything what you are prepared to dye for?

If you are prepared to dye for God and His reasons, you discovered the real sense of your life. Think this death may be your time, or reputation between friends, and you should measure.

Answer to yourself: what is most important for you?

I read a great book about Dra. Gloria Polo which contains her history of life and how she discovered her true happiness: (in English), there is a smaller version of the book in this link: