Jesus lives forever

Jesus lives forever
"I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me." Gl 2, 20.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have my own God

Do you believe in God? If yes, who's your God? If not, why don't you do it?

Let's think: who made our bodies? Our thoughts? Our feelings?

If we came from the animals, like monkeys, I ask: why do we feel love for our parents? The animals don't stay with their young forever.

My God entered the feelings in my soul, but he gave me freedom for choose what I want to do.

My God loves me so much, and he gave me so much freedom that I can choose not to love Him, if I want.

But I know how my life is if I'm not with my God.

I know my God loves a lot and He wants to give me many things for my happiness.

I know I can't have real happiness far from Him.

Sometimes, I forgot what my God did for me and I go away from Him. But He loves me so much, and He waits my return.

My God is three people in one person. My God is my Father, because He created me. My God is Son of the Father, He's my brother Jesus Christ, and He was crucified for pay my sins. My God is the Holy Spirit, the love from the Father to the Son, and from the Son to the Father, this love lives in me, and it's amazing: to feel the love of God.

This is my God: my Father, my Brother, my Friend, my Love, He created me, He lives in me, He waits my return, He knows everything about me, He cries with me, He smiles with me, He teaches what I should learn and do, He gives me all freedom of the World, He died for me, and He resuscitated for me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tangle of blessed ones

I found a great site here.

I'd like to share this video, it's very good.

And if you like harder music, see this:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

News on Web - what you must know

Hi everyone! I found a great site about our faith: here.

I'd like to comment about this new.

God is fantastic, amazing, and glorious! Let's read what Jesus said in Matthew 25, 31-46:

"When the Son of man comes in his glory,
escorted by all the angels,
then he will take his seat on his throne of glory.
All nations will be assembled before him
and he will separate people one from another
as the shepherd separates sheep from goats.
He will place the sheep on his right hand
and the goats on his left.
Then the King will say to those on his right hand,
'Come, you whom my Father has blessed,
take as your heritage the kingdom prepared for you
since the foundation of the world.
For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
I was a stranger and you made me welcome,
lacking clothes and you clothed me,
sick and you visited me,
in prison and you came to see me.'
Then the upright will say to him in reply,
'Lord, when did we see you hungry
and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink?
When did we see you a stranger
and make you welcome,
lacking clothes and clothe you?
When did we find you sick
or in prison and go to see you?'
And the King will answer,
'In truth I tell you,
in so far as you did this to one
of the least of these brothers of mine,
you did it to me.'
Then he will say to those on his left hand,
'Go away from me, with your curse upon you,
to the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.
For I was hungry and you never gave me food,
I was thirsty and you never gave me anything to drink,
I was a stranger and you never made me welcome,
lacking clothes and you never clothed me,
sick and in prison and you never visited me.'
Then it will be their turn to ask,
'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty,
a stranger or lacking clothes,
sick or in prison, and did not come to your help?'
Then he will answer,
'In truth I tell you,
in so far as you neglected to do this to one
of the least of these, you neglected to do it to me.'
And they will go away to eternal punishment,
and the upright to eternal life."

This text is big but it says what I want do say. Jesus separates everyone according with our actions, faith, and service to Him.

What have we done for God? Have we gone to hospitals, prisons, orphanages, or nursing homes to visit Him?

The cloistered nuns are doing what they can do for God and His Church. And they could work in their careers, but they know what more important is.