Jesus lives forever

Jesus lives forever
"I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me." Gl 2, 20.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is the Daemon?

I was praying yesterday and I felt that God wants a post about the Daemon, so I said: "The Daemon? Do you want to scare someone?" and He said: "I want to prevent everyone.", so I answer: "Of course my Lord, excuse me and let's write.".

Read the history.

God created the Heaven and after He came out for created the Earth (Genesis 1,1).

Lucifer was the most important angel of God and God let him for manage the Heaven while He was creating the Earth.

God has a throne that is connected to everywhere and Lucifer sat on the God's throne for manage the Heaven.

God was creating the Earth and Lucifer was managing the Heaven, when God returned to Heaven Lucifer said: "I liked the throne. Now, I want to be God and you'll be Lucifer" (the name of the angels are given by the function of each angel). Lucifer wanted to be the creator. And God expelled Lucifer from the throne.

Lucifer was angry and started to disseminate that everyone could be like God: full of light, grace, glory, receive praise of everything, etc. He talked to many angels.

Lucifer and his angels rebel against God. So, God chose Mickael* for the general of His army. Mickael was a simple angel of low patent.

Mickael and Lucifer were fighting with them armies. The grace of God was with Mickael and he won the Lucifer.

Lucifer and his angels went to Earth and they found us, the children of God.

Lucifer and his angels cannot return to Heaven, and, now, they attack us to lead us to sin.

When we want to do anything wrong, maybe it's a attack of Daemon.

We don't need to be scared because God is with us and the Daemon doesn't attack us very frequently.

Mickael is the angel that protects the Catholic Church and he's a winner.

* Mickael (or Michael) means "Who as God?".

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