Jesus lives forever

Jesus lives forever
"I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me." Gl 2, 20.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why is homosexuality wrong?

Let's thing about this question: "why is homosexuality wrong?"

Why is wrong have sex with kids?

Why is wrong have sex with deaths?

Why is wrong have sex with animals?

Why the Catholic Church (and the Christians) says "don't use condoms", "don't have sex before marriage", "live your marriage (conjugal life) with just your husband/wife" and so others things?

The priests don't know anything about sex and sexual pleasure. But they know God and they talk to God, like me.

I have my girlfriend and we are very happy without have sex before our marriage. We know God together and He wants our chastity.

If the Church and the Christians say "don't have love relationship with anyone of the same sex" then it's the desire of God.

Why doesn't God want the homosexuality?

God wants our happiness and our happiness is not pleasure.

We can have the true happiness just in the God's desires.

God created the man and the woman and He said (Genesis 1, 28):

"Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.
Be masters of the fish of the sea,
the birds of heaven and all the living creatures that move on earth."

If we don't do what God said then we will have problems, because He created everything and He knows everything and everybody. If God said for us be fruitful and multiply, then we have to do it.

But you say "the priests don't have families".

The priests don't have marriage because God wants them for Him, us and the Church. They can't have a own family because they will have many people for care and save.


  1. you are an inconsiderate asshole. you do realize that even in a homosexual relationship with the technologies we have now we can still have children and conceive? the mission to multiply the world was adam and eve's mission, not the whole of humanity. also Jesus died for our sins, meaning that a lot of the stuff we couldn't do in the old testiment we can now acceptably. and i don't want kids. i'm not going to multiply. does this mean that being a single person, being unattracted to men or women alike is sinful? does this mean that never having a child is sinful? you obviously haven't thought this one through

  2. I would agree that we aren't all responsible to reproduce. In fact, Paul suggested in the new testament that a single life devoted to God is of great value.

    I can't claim to fully understand what makes homosexuality wrong. I've heard arguments relating to the spread of disease etc., but most are relatively unconvincing. Still, the Bible is clear in both the old and new testaments that homosexuality is a sin, and that we are only saved by acknowledging any sin in our own lives, and repenting of it; so I accept the few things in the Bible that I don't fully understand because God has built a certain amount of relationship capital in my life.

    Some of my good friends are homosexual. For all I know, they are better people than I am. The only real difference between them and I, is that I share the same definition of what constitutes sin as God has set forth in the Bible, and am repentant for my sins.

    As I said earlier, the reason that I accept some things in the Bible that I don't fully understand, is because of the relationship capital that God has built up with me. I think we need to give homosexuals the same opportunity. We all sin, and pointing out a sin in someone else's life is unlikely to draw them to God. We should enjoy the friendships that we have with our homosexual friends, introduce them to God, and let God build up trust in their lives to the point that He has earned the right to offer them council.

  3. I love the Church. Sodomy is so obviously wrong to anybody that can still think.
    "Gayness" is a death-style, as His Holiness Pope John Paul II of happy memory always said.
    Sodomites must realize that what they do is filth and that they can change if they seek Grace.
    Choose Life!
    Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life.